Fans Slam ‘Bachie’ Star Taite Radley Over “Upsetting” Xmas Insta Post About Mental Health

The festive season naturally has punters feeling emotional and reflective, leading to loads and loads of wordy social media posts.

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Take for example a post by Taite Radley (boyfriend of Bachelorette Ali Oetjen) where he discussed his and his GF’s struggle with mental health.

Sadly, the post hasn’t gone down well with fans.

It went as follows:

Find a partner with the same mental disorder as you. PRICELESS ::
Merry Christmas to everyone. Spread love and happiness. Be safe on the roads, it’s better to rock up late than never at all.

Daily Mail Australia noted that fans didn’t take kindly to the post, labelling it “upsetting and disrespectful’ and that “joking about disabilities belittles the reality.”

“Please seriously reconsider this post. It’s extremely problematic and upsetting,” one person wrote.

Despite the backlash, the post still exists on Taite’s Insta.