Taika Waititi Does And Immediately Regrets The Soda Shower Challenge

Beloved man Taika Waititi has bravely conqured the #SodaShowerChallenge – a daring task inspired by a scene in recently released New Zealand flick, The Breaker Upperers, written and directed by Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami. Waititi served as executive producer on the film.

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You’ll undoubtedly recognise van Beek from What We Do In The Shadows as Deacon’s well… former errand-runner-sort-of-slave person.

If you tuned into The Project a couple of nights ago you would’ve seen van Beek and Sami on the desk promoting the new movie because it only just hit our cinemas on Thursday.

As the title suggests, Van Beek and Sami play two cynical best friends who break people up for a living, by consent. No really, they run a “break-up” business.

Basically, they’ll be approached by an unhappy half-of-a-couple who requests their services. Then, the Breaker Upperers go to wild lengths to get the job done including fake kidnappings, pregnancies, and what not.

Business is going quite well until a rather handsome client rocks up to the office and of course, feelings are caught.

Aussie comedian Celia Pacquola also stars in this flick as does Boy actor, James Rolleston as aforementioned handsome man.

For reference to the scene which has inspired the soda challenge, here’s the trailer:

Also yes, that is Karen O’Leary AKA clueless but beloved copper from Shadows and Wellington Paranormal. 

So, the challenge asks that you bathe beneath a stream of fizzy soda poured by oneself. With Waititi as executive producer of the film, it’s only fair for him to do the challenge… and to nominate fellow countrymen, Julian Dennison, Bailey Mackey, and Clifford Curtis to follow in his footsteps despite the intense burning that comes from pouring fizzy soda into your eyeballs and nose.

Good stuff.

You can peep the challenge, below:

Love the shirt.

The Breaker Upperers is in cinemas now.

P.S Jemaine Clement also appears in the film so the whole gang’s here.