The Gogglebox Guy At The Centre Of I’m A Celeb’s ‘Bullying Scandal’ Denies The Whole Thing

Adam Densten and Symon Lovett on I'm A Celebrity

Goggleboxer-turned-I’m A Celebrity contestant Symon Lovett has shut down rumours that he and his best mate Adam Densten were “iced out” by their campmates.

In the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto claimed that the Symon and Adam’s arrival in the jungle was “not so well received” and other members of the cast “plotted to squash them out.”

Megan quoted an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! insider as saying: “Going in as an intruder so late was always going to be hard as the other contestants had already formed strong bonds, so they were considered outsiders.”

She continued: “Essentially they iced them out and the boys didn’t get a chance to bond with anyone. They did not last long at all.”

Megan’s intel seemed to make sense, considering what went to air of the boys’ entrance earlier this month. “What the fuck is going on?” Toni Pearen asked Jess Eva when they arrived.

“I can’t handle any more people,” she later said to Colin Fassnidge through tears.

She explained her outburst to camera, “I just didn’t think that this late in the game, two more people would be introduced to the camp.

“We’ve got our thing… [But now] we’ve got these two new people who haven’t lived it like we’ve lived it.”

But talking to today, the morning after his eviction, Symon said the other contestants were actually “really welcoming,” despite their initial “weird” reaction.

“I don’t think it was hate, I think it was more just confusion,” Symon said. “When Jack [Vidgen] went home, naturally they thought, ‘Well this must be it, there’ll be eliminations until the end.’ Then new people came in and I think it just blew a few minds.”

But after seeing the way people at home reacted to Toni’s reception of the Gogglebox boys, Symon says he reached out to her. “I sent her a text and just reminded her of some really good moments we had in there with her. Toni looked out for me in there and made sure I was doing OK.

“I think it was just that initial shock and she didn’t know how to handle it but after that they were all really welcoming.”

Alli Simpson also denied the rumours about the treatment of Symon Lovett and Adam Densten on I’m A Celebrity in an interview with after she was evicted earlier this week.

“When they came in we were all super flat. The vibe might have come off that way that we were all not super stoked, but we were all having the worst day – we hadn’t eaten, we were 10 or 11 days in. But we were so excited to have new camp mates.

“Adam and Symon just bought this whole new vibe and energy and they’re just such amazing guys,” she added.

“Everyone was being nice to them from what I heard and the conversations I was in. Everyone loved them and everyone was being nice to them.”