Sydney Protestors Call To “Axe Da Tax”

The Gillard government is trying to “scare our kids”, “global warming is a hoax” and the carbon tax is the work of “witchcraft” according to 2GB Radio shock jock Alan Jones and Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop. The anti-carbon tax figureheads addressed crowds of protestors in Sydney and Melbourne yesterday morning.

About 2000 odd climate change sceptics and tax haters marched from Hyde Park to Belmore Park, with chants of “axe the tax” accompanied by the waving of placards and the donning of red Julia wigs and Pinocchio noses that rivalled Mardis Gras costumes.

Down south the Melbourne turnout was a measly 150 men strong. Perhaps Melbourne’s population are predominantly child hating witches? Can we get some Census data on that assertion?

Whilst as a pillar of journalistic neutrality and integrity we can’t comment on the political elements that fuelled the protests (read: we don’t get what the carbon tax is), what we can do is bring you the best, worst and most confusing signage and outfits of the festivities…

We give this sign 10/10 for creativity for the unusual choice of an acrostic poem format. Unfortunately the meaning seems to have been slightly compromised in the difficulty of adhering to the aforementioned format. We’re not sure how carbon is “arrogant” and “rude”? Did carbon leave the toilet seat up again? Or did naughty carbon not say sorry before polluting the air that we breathe at an unprecedented and detrimental rate? Who raised you.

We feel like this guy might actually have gotten lost en route to either a crack den or his Born Again Christian Jubilee. He actually looks really happy about the carbon tax. Or is that the expression hysterical tears? Either way, yay for the carbon tax!

LOLOLOL. Get it? Greens MP Bob Brown needs to be flushed down the loo because in a cruel twist of fate his surname also describes the colour of fecal matter. This sign doesn’t help us shed any light on our political questions but it sure is heaps witty. They also forget the apostrophe after it and before s. Nobodys perfect though, right?

Okay, so basically if we don’t “revolt” against a tax which is designed to lower environmentally harmful greenhouse gas emissions Australia will come to an end? Phew, thank jesus fresh faced checkered shirt boy stepped in and explained the gravity of the situation! If only the sign writer had the patience to go all out and write the whole sign in bubble writing we may have been more compelled to take action. The inclusion of sad faces in the O’s does help to drive the message home that the tax is totally sad/angry face emoji worthy. 🙁

Ahh, sarcasm, the highest form of humour. It does tend to get lost in translation via handwritten signage though so lucky for the glaring red NOT shouted at us at the end of this sentence to clear up all our misgivings. Axe da tax!!

Images by Greg Wood for Getty Images.

Words by Tara Kenny.