Sydney’s Lockout Laws Are Basically Donezo Tomorrow So Here’s Where To Party Past Bed Time

Nearly six years to the day, Sydney’s lockout laws are being relaxed for the most part, which means a whole bunch of venues, pubs, and bars will be open for business until the tiny hours of the morning, and you’ll be able to buy takeaway booze later as well – I can hear the hospo folks cheering about that already.

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There’s going to be a whole bevvy of places chucking a party or two to celebrate the abolition of the lockouts and the freedom of party people across the city, but how do you choose just one, or two? Because you can do that now–even though a Secondary Location is always a risky move for partying.

Here’s a handful of Cya Later/And Stay Out/Emancipation parties for you to consider, so wrangle up the group chat for a mid-week, school night boogie. Trust me, the hangover will absolutely be worth it here.

Frankie’s Pizza Emancipation Party

Your favourite dive bar in the CBD is going three sheets to the wind and pedal to the metal for the first night of reclaimed Party Time™, with sets from Bare Bones and Arteries, and shitty-ass metal karaoke until late. Pizzas slinging all night, show up whenever the fuck you want. Check it out over here.

Harpoon Harrys Keeping Sydney Open

After making a big bloody noise about it for the last five years and eleven months, lobbying/protest/political group Keep Sydney Open is throwing a helluva shindig at Harpoon Harry’s, with DJ sets from international guests Tim Sweeney and RAW SILK alongside some of Australia’s most-loved stalwarts.

It’s been a bit of a slog keeping the lockouts in everyone’s heads over the last 5+ years, so maybe shout a helpful KSO vollie a beer at the pub or something. You can cop tickets to Harry’s 10th House Party over here.

Late-Night BBQ At Bitter Phew

My favourite little beer bar on Oxford St is celebrating being able to be up late on a school night by cracking open a couple of fancy kegs and firing up the BBQ for a late-night feed. Feel like a sausage and a saison at 10pm? Why the fuck not! Check out the cheeky beers being tapped for the after-hours cookout over on the event page and say a big “smell ya later” to the lockout laws.

Sydney’s Primo Party People @ Cliff Dive

A real no-fuss party at the Cliff Dive – aka that place you’ve probably somehow ended up at with minimal recollection of getting there. With Sydney’s fave party-dad LEVINS going B2B with KLASIC and SHANTAN WANTAN ICHIBAN, get extremely keen because it’s totally free to show up and the drinks are cheap as chips.

Check it out over on the Facebook event, but everyone knows Cliff Dive is that place you just show up to at the end of the night anyway.

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Drag The Gang To Stonewall

One of my favourite things about Oxford St pre-lockout laws was being out on the street at like 2am and watching all the drag queens stalk up and down, running from show to show in elaborate costumes and heels that made my ankles quiver. The queens will be out loud and late starting with Meals On Heels with Lada Marks, Gender Bender Bingo with Carmen Geddit and Victoria Anthony, and karaoke with Hannah Conda and Marilyn Mootrub.

Boogie late into the night with back to back floor fillers from DJ Ray Isaac and shows from Coco Jumbo. Expect to show up to work the next day with glitter still stuck to your face, mates.

Flinders First  2020 House Party

Up around the corner off Oxford St, you’ll find the Flinders Hotel, who’s got a slick new set-up to essentially turn the insides into a Boiler Room. Get ready to get very sweaty as the Flinders House Party showcases a bunch of emerging DJs from 9pm till the sun comes up. No literally, it’s open until 4am – you can go get Macca’s breakfast after if you want to.

Check it out over on the website, there’s a little cover charge after 10pm but hey you gotta support live music, right?

Hungry Jacks Oxford St

Truly the MVP of every late, late, late night I’ve ever had at Q Bar (R.I.P), the Hungry Jacks and Oporto across the road on Oxford St goes off like a frog in a sock at around 3am. I’m talking pure, unbridled chaos.

Get in there after you’ve very much tied one on and celebrate the end of the Sydney lockout laws with the best closer of the night – a Whopper and a post-mix Coke.