CONTENT WARNING: This article contains distressing content including death, murder and suicide.

Last week, Sydney conwoman Melissa Caddick was confirmed dead after her foot reportedly washed up on a beach.

Less than a week later, Nine has already put the wheels in motion to create a drama TV adaptation about the wild case that has captivated many.

The drama series was greenlit by Nine in partnership with Stan, three months after she vanished from her eastern suburbs mansion.

Nine’s Head of Drama, Andy Ryan, confirmed the news in a statement to The Australian:

“Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and the mystery of Melissa Caddick’s disappearance and the missing millions has all the elements of a gripping crime thriller as well as a moving personal tragedy. We’ve been working on this story as a joint Nine/Stan drama production for several months, and the more we learn the more intriguing the story becomes. But it’s also important for us to approach this story with great sensitivity to the victims and family members who have been impacted by recent events.”

The Australian reports that a couple of A-list Aussie talent have been named as possible contenders to portray Melissa Caddick, including actresses Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths.

Actress Toni Collette. (Credit: Getty)

Actress Rachel Griffiths.

Melissa Caddick disappeared on November 12 last year after going for an early morning run two days after the Australian Federal Police and ASIC raided her home over claims of fraud.

It is believed that she stole upwards of $20m from family and friends by convincing them to invest their money with her.

The day after her disappearance, investigators rifled through hours and hours of CCTV footage to try and figure out where she’d gone, but no evidence turned up.

“We’ve been keeping an open mind all along … but given the fact she left personal belongings [behind], we’ve always considered the possibility she may have taken her own life,” Assistant Commissioner Michael Willing told reporters on Friday, according to

The investigation is still very much active and police have not ruled out foul play or the possibility that Melissa Caddick took her own life.

There is no word as to when production on the drama series will begin or when it will air. The aforementioned casting rumours are also unconfirmed, but stay tuned for further details on what’s sure to be a gripping drama series.