I pretty much think everything involving the Kardashians is suss, and the latest scandal also has me raising an eyebrow. In case ya haven’t been following the news, a model by the name of Sydney Chase has accused Tristan Thompson of cheating on his baby mama, Khloé Kardashian.

I know Tristan has been accused of cheating many a time in the past, but as I’ve previously pointed out, each scandal has coincided with a new KUWTK release, and with the finale coming up, it seems awfully coincidental that this shitshow is going down now.

I’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that Sydney Chase is a rather questionable character. From the moment that she came out with the allegations on TikTok, she’s been begging for sponsorship deals.

After leaking her DM convo with Khloé, the model shared her Instagram stats to her Story and wrote: “On a side note, DM for promo $.”

And just today, it’s been announced that the alleged fling of Tristan Thompson has been booked to host a gig at a nightclub, so her promo plan obviously worked.

According to Page Six, the 23-year-old model will “take the stage for an introduction and offer patrons a chance to meet her” for $35, in addition to accepting lap dances from guests.

I’m not saying that she and Tristan didn’t sleep together, that’s absolutely possible, but the timing of her leaking it to the press seems shady and all for, I hate the word, but… clout.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Kim Kardashian’s lawyer has been funnelling money into Tristan’s bank account. But for what, hmmm?

There’s something fishy going on… I have no idea what, but it’s a case for the FBI, I reckon.

Oh, and one more thing, Khloé Kardashian was recently embroiled in scandal after the whole unedited photo leak, which subjected her to public scrutiny. But now it’s Tristan in the firing line and everyone’s feeling bad for Koko and they’ve forgotten about piccy gate. Just sayin’.

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