Sydney Aquarium Live-Streamed Playtime With Pig The Dugong For Our Collective Hearts

Happy Friday mates, we finally made it. It feels like it’s been the longest week ever while we’re all working away at home and social distancing ourselves, and so we’ve been blessed by Sydney Aquarium with a live-stream of Pig The Dugong’s morning playtime.

Park yourself in with a tea and some snacks, it’s absolutely time to have a quick de-stress and watch a sweet little 80kg dugong baby frolic around in the water, snacking on lettuce, and generally just being bloody adorable.

There’s really not much else to it, but it’s a very good 15-minute break out of your isolation routines, which I’m sure probably involves a lot of moving from bed to couch, with some regular visits to the pantry, fridge, and toot. Maybe you’ll stand outside for five minutes and wistfully look at the pub up the street.

I’m not sure if Sydney Aquarium will do another live-stream for us all stuck inside for god-knows-however-long, but I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a regular thing.

Take a breather, take some time, make a cuppa, and watch the whole Sydney Aquarium live-stream below. It’ll probably do wonders for your cabin fever, I reckon.