Sutherland Council Calls To Halt Production Of Channel 10’s ‘Jersey Shire’

One week out from production and Channel 10’s The Shire – a partially scripted ‘dramality’ series in the style of MTV’s Jersey Shore – has drummed up enough publicity and public interest to guarantee that there’ll at least be someone watching by the time it crashes onto screens. But according to the Mayor of Sutherland Shire, Carol Provan, there’s no business for show business where her municipality is concerned.

In minutes taken from the Council Meeting (#srsinvestigativejournalism guys) Provan stated that based on leaked footage which depicted “different beach babes and street dudes talking to the camera about wanting to be porn stars, fake boobs, pushing people down stairs and running away from police” that subject to legal advice the Council would “not approve the filming of “The Shire” and [will] not co-operate in any way with the production.” Minutes from the meeting also show that the council insist that local businesses and property owners not co-operate with production in any way.

After a pretty vocal backlash to initial news of the show, including a casting call out for narcissistic outgoing blondes, we asked if you would watch The Shire and the results could not have been more evenly split, with literally one vote separating those who would from those who wouldn’t watch.

On Radio 2UE, Provan also stated she was deceived by the show’s production company, Shine, who pitched the show as an opportunity to boost local tourism. However, the leaked footage – which has since been removed – has moved Provan to threaten the establishment of a boom gate to prevent production crews from entering The Shire – “You shall not pass!” Gandalf style. The Mayor and General Manager will now hold “urgent talks” with the Chief Executive Officer of Channel 10, James Warburton, with a view to ensure that, if production proceeds, that The Shire be shown in a way that best reflects the area.

Network Ten’s Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, has expressed surprise – really? – at the councillors public criticism of the series based on leaked footage that supposedly isn’t a true representation of The Shire – or at least what it aspires to be – insisting that parallels between the show and Jersey Shore are “inaccurate and misleading” – even though in his original statement, Mott freely drew on comparisons with Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex. Go figure.

Channel Ten could not be reached for comment.

Via Fairfax