Survivor Season Cancelled After Contestant Dies

The French version of Survivor (ironically named in this instance) has been struck by tragedy after a 25 year old contestant died on the first day of shooting in Cambodia. Production of the series was cancelled and contestants flown back to Paris last Friday after contestant Gerald Babin died as the result of a tug of war challenge.

Babin, who complained of arm cramps following the challenge, was referred to the series staff doctor at the scene and airlifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital but not before suffering a series of fatal cardiac arrests en route.  

Channel TF1 and production company Adventure Line Productions said it was “not really a question” to shut down production on the season and expressed “profound sadness” for the loss of the contestant’s family.

“Adventure Line Productions, TF1 and [host] Denis Broginart
are devastated and join in the profound sadness of Gerald’s family,”

the channel said in a statement. 

It is not yet known how or whether it will affect the long term continuation of the series.