In a sweet as hell video, Survivor King Luke Toki has thanked Australia for donating a life-changing $550,440 to a GoFundMe made for his family. In case you need reminding, that’s 50,000 buckeroos more than the Survivor Australia prize money.

With his wife Mary and little bubba Madeline, Luke thanked everyone who pitched in money to the campaign. The FIFO worker is also a father to two young sons with autism, and Madeline has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

“We are very humbled by the response and you know, I had accepted that I had lost and that was the outcome,” he said. “To then find out what has happened and what has occurred is huge.”

Luke ended up shutting down the GoFundMe after it surpassed the $500,000 mark, saying it was “the right thing” to do.

In an interview with the WA’s Sunday Times, Luke said he didn’t “want to take anything more” after seeing how much people had chipped in.

“You get people saying they are waiting to be paid so they can donate,” he said.

“It speaks volumes about the kindness of these people who are donating. They have their own goals and their own bills, so they need to look after themselves.”

Luke’s planning on donating the extra $50,440 to charity but he’s still figuring out the specifics.

“But a large amount of it will be going to the cystic fibrosis Care Today, Cure Tomorrow project,” Mary said.

Luke’s time in the jungle might be over… for now, but his media tour certainly isn’t. You can catch the absolute legend on Have You Been Paying Attention? tonight. He’s set to appear as a guest questionnaire beside blessed host Tom Gleisner.

Have You Been Paying Attention airs tonight 8.30pm on Channel 10, right after the premiere of The Masked Singer – otherwise known as the show you keep seeing everywhere.