We’ve just gotten wind of what the Survivor Australia 2023 tribe vibe is going to be and it sounds siiiiiick!

Bear in mind it’s just a rumour for now, served up by the goss mongers at the So Dramatic! podcast, so take it with a grain of salt until we have confirmation.

That being said, they’ve been right before! Remember when they reported the wild news that Sophie Cachia was joining the show long before it was announced and everyone poo-pooed it, including Sophie herself?

Next minute, there she was! In the jungle!

So anyway, read on for everything we know about Survivor Australia 2023…

What is the Survivor Australia 2023 theme?

The poddy revealed it’s a Heroes v Villains theme with 12 former Survivor castaways competing alongside 12 new players.

Which Survivor Australia stars are in the new season?

So Dramatic! was even generous enough to list the Survivor Australia stars returning to compete in the new season!

Apparently the returning cast members include Kristie Bennett (2016), Shaun Hampson (2019), Nina Twine (2022), Jordie Hansen (2022), George Mladenov AKA George from Bankstown (2019) and Shonee Fairfax (2018/2020).

The sneaky insider who spoke to the podcast claimed that old mate Ciarran Stott from The Bachelor Australia franchise was also approached to join the show. Da fuq?

Which celebrities will be in the new season?

Following in the footsteps of Sophie Cachia’s random casting in the last season of Survivor, apparently another controversial celeb has been added to the mix this year.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, producers were inspired by the fucked up Sydney Morning Herald article in which ingrown toenail Andrew Hornery attempted to out Rebel Wilson.

After seeing the shitstorm that ensued, producers allegedly reached out to a bunch of “villainous and ruthless entertainment editors” for the villains tribe but everyone declined.

So they settled on former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Anjali Rao who was once a BBC journalist.

“Anjali has signed on for the next season of Survivor,” an insider told the poddy.

“She was a last minute signing, she only had five weeks notice before filming started.”

They called “a number of entertainment reports” but no one was keen to sign up so “they settled on Anjali.” Good grief.

ICYMI: Anjali is one of several casting failures on the latest season of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

The new crop of ladies were so bad that apparently the once-great show is now on the chopping block.

During the 2022 Logies, The Herald Sun asked an unnamed source connected to the show if Season 6 was a possibility. They responded: “No, those girls fucked it up.”

Not only that, but Anjali didn’t even last the whole season!

She bailed midway through after locking horns with queen bee Janet Roach.

Let’s hope she doesn’t tank Survivor as well…

Anywho, that’s all we know for now so stay tuned for more deets on Survivor Australia 2023, Heroes v Villains.

And, of course, have a listen to the latest ep of the So Dramatic! podcast for more tea.