Sue Perkins Driven From Twitter By Awful ‘Top Gear’ Fan Threats

In what is sadly not a new low, but is definitely a regular low, for the seething mass of discontent that is social media, British TV host Sue Perkins has been driven off Twitter by threats from Top Gear fans. 
The threats came following speculative reports that Perkins, presenter of The Great British Bake-Off, might be taking over from the recently-fired Jeremy Clarkson on the show.
The key word there is ‘specultive’ – Perkins had no interest in replacing Clarkson, but after an “utterly fabricated” story appeared in the UK press tipping her as a new Top Gear host, threats came pouring in. 
A few days ago, when the story first ran, Perkins was somewhat dismayed to find her mentions full of Top Gear fans furious that a woman (gasp) might be stepping in as host.

In the days following, the anger anger and threats became more serious, until Perkins decided to step the hell away from Twitter for the sake of her own well-being.
Fans and fellow TV personalities have supported Perkins, urging her to stay strong and reminding her that there are throngs of people who do support her and have her back amid the throngs of Twitter dickheads.
We’re not sure what part of this story is saddest – the fact that there are people willing to make vile threats against a woman like Perkins because of a damn TV show, or the fact that this is in no way surprising. 
Ladies and gentlemen, the internet:
via The Guardian
Photo: Ben A Pruchnie via Getty Images