Aussie Drama ‘Fake’ Starring Asher Keddie Is Coming Soon & It Looks Both Creepy And Intriguing

David Wenham and Asher Keddie in Fake - a Paramount+ Australian show

There’s a new Aussie drama coming to Paramount+ and it looks SO GOOD. Queen Asher Keddie plays Birdie Bell in Fake, a woman who falls fast and hard for Joe Burt, played by David Wenham… but all is not as it seems. Oooooh. Tell me more!

The description of the TV show says it’s a “vital drama which goes deep inside the psychology of the victim of a love scam”, which sounds right up my alley. Plus, we’ve all been screwed over by fuckboys before – especially on dating apps – so it sounds relatable as hell. 

What date does Fake air?

Fake is an eight-part series landing exclusively on Paramount+ on Thursday, 4 July. The cast includes Asher Keddie, David Wenham, Nicholas Brown, Heather Mitchell, Louisa Mignone, Anne Charleston and Ming-Zhu Hii.

Asher Keddie in Paramount+ Aussie show Fake

Asher Keddie’s latest show looks wild. (Image: Paramount+ Australia)

Is Fake based on a book?

Yes, Fake is based on the book of the same name, written by Stephanie Wood. Her true story is part memoir, part investigative journalism, as she delves deep into the background of her lover, who isn’t who he says he is. It’s about being fooled by a man, but using that to fuel her art and better herself. 

What have the creators of Fake said about the show? 

Producers Imogen Banks, Emelyne Palmer and Asher Keddie released a statement about the show, saying: “Fake is an intimate and exhilarating exploration of the illusions life lays out for us, through both the lies we are told and the lies we tell ourselves.”

They continue: “We journey into the depths of our protagonist Birdie Bell’s psyche, and explore how the narratives instilled in us from childhood create fertile ground for deception to thrive.”

“We are incredibly proud to have collaborated on this thrilling, courageous and intensely relevant drama with this dream team of extraordinary creatives. Through an intimate first-person perspective, creator and writer Anya Beyersdorf has crafted a compellingly experiential show that will resonate with anyone who has ever been lied to.”

Is there a trailer? 

Yes, and you can watch it here:

I’ll watch anything with Asher Keddie in it, so I’ve got a date with Paramount+ on Thursday 4 July. I can’t wait!

Feature image: Paramount+ Australia