Fans Reckon The New ‘Stranger Things’ Book Is Full Of Hidden S3 Easter Eggs

Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, the official companion guide for Stranger Things, was never going to be a straightforward book of behind the scenes content and factoids, was it. No. Of course not. Turns out there are a few easter eggs in there that could potentially be ~clues~ for the upcoming third season.

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Yesterday (Nov 6) marked 35 years to the day since Will Byers went missing, so what better time than right now to try and figure out what’s in store for next year’s season?

Now, there are definite, glaring season 3 spoilers from the Duffer Brothers in the book – they talk about how the new season is going to be set in summer (thank God, I was wondering if it ever warmed up in Hawkins), how Mike and Eleven are officially a couple (!!!) and the return of the Mind Flayer, but the real fun is finding all the hidden messages in the morse code in the book.

Remember how Will would use a series of flashes in the mess of fairy lights that his mum strung up to communicate from the Upside Down in season one? Well, it’s the same thing, but written out. The long and short flashes when in the printed code are dots and dashes and folks, the book is scattered with the little bastards.

What originally looked like a broken line that separates the body of text from the references at the bottom, but online sleuths have realised they HEY this is morse code and HEY maybe there’s a reason why there’s a lift-out decoder at the back of the book.

(Image: Penguin Random House)

Now if you look at this one from the code whizzes at Seventeen, it’s dash/dot dot dot dot/dot/dot dash dash, and so on. If you cross check that with the decoder in the back of the book (or find one online, idk how you translate stuff) it translates to The Week Is Long which means…not much at the moment. But we know the new season is set is summer, and summer days are long as shit, so maybe it’s the name of the first episode, and the first week of summer?

Is season three delving into the kind of horrors that we have in Australia, where the things we fear don’t wait until nightfall to terrify us?

There are at least five of these codes to decipher within the book and who knows how many other sneaky easter eggs are in there, but you can pick one up from wherever you get your pageturners.