Please Praise Stormi Webster For Passing The Choc Challenge & Reciting ‘Patience’ Instead

Kylie Jenner has set the internet alight, yet again, after posting adorable footage of sweet bébé angel Stormi Webster passing the chocolate challenge with flying colours.

The challenge – involving ‘rents placing a bowl of chocolates in front of their kids and walking away – has been doing the rounds online, but surely this particular one takes the (chocolate) cake…

The below video features Kylie placing a huge bowl in front of Stormi. “So I’m going to put the chocolates right here, okay?” she tells the cherub. “You can only have 3 of them, but you have to wait ’til mummy comes back. I have to go to the bathroom. So let me go to the bathroom and then you can have them.”

When her mum leaves the room, Stormi reaches out for the bowl, lunges at them, looks around cheekily and then sits back on the couch.

“Patience, patience,” she recites, in what is possibly the most cutest thing you will ever lay your eyes on.

I mean, seriously, what 2-year-old shows such a display of self-control and declares ‘patience’? If my 2-year-old ass was left alone with a bowl of choccies, I’d have fisted the bad boys down my throat and shat myself on the couch in a matter of seconds.

The internet has collectively fallen to their knees following Stormi’s latest angelic display.

If your heart hasn’t burst into a million loving pieces, I suspect it is made of cold, cold stone.

Alexa, play ‘Patience’ by Stormi. I love that song. It’s a banger.