Stormi, A Savage Angel, Turned Off Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise & Shine’ To Listen To Dad’s Music

Stormi Webster

Proving she has 10/10 inherited the savage Jenner gene, wee angel Stormi Webster straight up turned off a recording of Mum’s “Rise and Shine” remix because she wanted to listen to Dad’s music instead. Bless.

[jwplayer R96KTr5m]

If you’ve just emerged from a deep dark hole, the latest news with the Kar-Jenner crew is this: Kylie Jenner, an apparent vocalist, delivered the performance of a lifetime when she sang the two words “Rise and Shine” for Stormi. It instantly became a meme, was remixed, and then Ariana Grande asked Kylie if she could sample the two-second tune.

In a video posted on Instagram earlier today, Kylie played a remix of said tune to Stormi and you know, Stormi initially frothed it… then she asked for “Daddy sing.” Not once, not twice, but four times. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, Stormi – a toddler – literally paused the song.

Christ, she’s adorable.

Travis Scott commented “wild” with a couple of heart emojis, in case you were wondering.

Anywho, Kylie – a business woman – is using all the attention to her advantage and has already released some rise and shine merch. I shit you not, she really did.

These hoodies, they come in black and white, will send you back USD$65 a pop.