Stop What You’re Doing And Play This 8-Bit ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ Game

It’s almost ten years since Malcolm In The Middle ended, but if you’re still feeling faint nostalgia pangs, you can go ahead and soothe them with this 8-bit game, which may be the most fun you’ll have on the internet today.
The Malcolm simulator comes from the old-fashioned, deceptively simple school of game design, with the aim being to literally keep Malcolm in the middle as he walks between his brothers. 
Dewey and Reese being the little jerks they are, they will constantly speed up, slow down, and generally try and bump into Malcolm, causing him to fall and the game to end. 
When that happens, you’re asked if you want to continue, and prompted, of course, with a series of options that run the gamut from ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Maybe’ to ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Can You Repeat The Question?’
Designer Alec Robbins explained that he created the highly existential game over two days, in the middle of a Netflix binge, and you can play it right here on his site

The game works on PC and mobile, so what are you even waiting for?

via MTV