Ryan Reynolds Is Making A Weed-Focused ‘Home Alone’ Reboot Named ‘Stoned Alone’

In the continuing flurry of remakes, reboots and half-assed attempts at building cinematic universes, it was basically inevitable we were at some point going to get a reboot of Home Alone. How do they make that work, in the era of instant communications making leaving a child home alone increasingly unlikely? Well, they’re attaching Ryan Reynolds to it, making it about weed, and calling it Stoned Alone.

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This might sound like a hack parody background gag in a Kevin Smith movie, but it is very much real – and coming from Fox, the studio behind the original Home Alone series.

According to Deadline, the film concerns “a twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip” and “makes the best of things by getting high.” Obviously there is a truly rich vein of comedy to be found there.

Augustine Frizzell will direct the film, with Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider handling the the script from an idea by Fox exec Matt Reilly.

Frizzell is a bit of an unknown at the moment – she was behind the positively reviewed A24 comedy-drama Never Goin’ Back, which is hitting US cinemas in August. She’s also directing the HBO show Euphoria.

Will this film feature a super-corny action set-piece where a hyper-stoned Ryan Reynolds successfully foils the robber characters – who may or may not be played by someone who either is or vaguely resembles Joe Pesci? I think we can confidently say the answer to that question is yes.

There’s absolutely no other info on this production other than the fact it exists despite having no reason to. And for that we are very grateful.