Steve Buscemi & Danny Trejo Play Marcia & Jan In Snickers’ ‘Brady Bunch’ Superbowl Ad

Look, Steve Buscemi could sell his soul to promote any brand in the world and I would still watch it, and still deem it “flawless”, because we’re talking about Steve MF Buscemi, folks.

A compelling trickle of Superbowl ads have been emerging over the last few weeks – Buscemi is completing a veritable holy grail of actors who will star in the Superbowl’s spots: from Aubrey Plaza to LiLo to Kim to Mindy Kaling

Snickers‘ offering absolutely kills it, inserting Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi into a classic Brady Bunch scene.

Behold the quickest coupla hundred K Trejo and Buscemi have ever scored, and weep at its beauty.