We Need To Talk About The Original Stephenie Meyer Covers For Twilight And How Much They Suck

Friends, vampires and werewolves of all kinds (especially you lot) gather ’round, because it’s about time that we spoke about the original covers that Stephenie Meyer made for her Twilight book series. Yes, they’re chaotic and awful, and yes she made heaps of them. Let’s sink our teeth right in then, shall we?

If there’s one thing you should know about the Twilight series, it’s that Meyer put a lot of care into her little book babies, even going to the lengths of making her own covers and drumming up her own fan cast for the movies.

This fan cast famously included ultra hottie Henry Cavill, who was eventually scrapped from her dream Edward Cullen role for being a little too old at the time of the movies actually being made. This is why in Meyer’s OG covers, you’ll see a lovely photoshopped Cavill making an appearance.

TikTok user and Twilight genius @twilight_talk has decided to make an entire video talking about the Meyer-made covers for the Twilight series, and I’m so glad she did.

The vid has amassed over 1m views already, and for good reason, Meyer’s covers are pure editing nightmares. Graphic design clearly wasn’t her passion.

“I haven’t talked about the book covers that Stephenie designed herself and you know what I’d be happy to,” @twilight_talk says in the video.

“Stephenie used to make these covers just to put on the manuscripts that she would hand out to friends and family, she never meant for these to be the actual book covers but they are insane.”


Stephenie REALLY said graphic design is my passion #twilight #twilightsaga #booktok #twilightrenaissance

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Let’s talk about a couple of the covers shown in the vid then, shall we?

First up is the proposed cover for the first book, written under the pen name ‘Morgan Meyer’ and originally titled Forks.

No, not forks in the road (although I guess that works) but Forks, Washington which is the setting of the books. I’m so glad she eventually changed it to Twilight though, much better name.

The OG cover has it all, from strange font to blurry pics of trees, to a picture of some yellow eyes with the opacity turned way up. Glorious.

forks twilight

Next up I wanna talk about the proposed cover for Eclipse, featuring a young Henry Cavill looking like the sun baby from the Teletubbies.

Honestly, it’s not even that bad, but it’s not something you would put on your coffee table for guests to gawk at, that’s for sure.

twilight eclipse

You can catch a whole bunch of covers in the TikTok video above, and witness the lunacy for yourself. Literally.