Stephen Fry Says Oz Is ‘Close’ To Marriage Equality, So It Must Be True

We don’t bandy words like ‘international treasure’ around at PEDESTRIAN.TV very often, and there’s an incredibly short list of things we deem worthy of the title. 
Still, Stephen Fry could totally disown us, and he’d still be at the top of that v. exclusive list.
In his all-to-short appearance on The Project, Fry still found the time to absolutely charm up a storm, regaling Australia with stories of his time in prison – where he taught illiterate inmates to read, bless – before addressing that time one of his crew had, you know, the back of his head fucked by an incredibly rare parrot. 
“I said, don’t complain – he had blood on the back of his neck – I said, you’ve been mated by one of the rarest animals on Earth. It’s a privilege.”
The ex-host of QI touched on some typically Stephen Fry topics like his well-known atheism, British comedy, bff Hugh Laurie and cross-words before striking the core of current affairs today: The scandal that is #twitterheart. 

“I wish they had [run it past me]. That new little heart takes one back to the awful days… I don’t know if you remember because everything is so fast in the digital world, of a thing called Myspace

Which was all tinselly and hearty, basically like a school girl’s bedroom, all unicorns… It was just revolting. And that heart looks just like a cheap little effort to get teens involved.”

So, that’s settled then.
On the real, Fry had some choice words about our latest moves towards marriage equality. Fortunately, that big brain of his reckons it’s inevitable.

“Well, Take it from mother. Australia will have same sex marriage before long. It’s going to happen. Of course it is. 

It’s the right thing to do, and if it happens through a plebiscite, through a vote of the people of Australia, then it’s all the more powerful and resounding, as happened in Ireland

But the fact is, it’s natural… the institution of marriage doesn’t totter and crumble, quite the reverse. It strengthens it. It’s actually such a non-deal. 

It hasn’t changed the world, it’s just changed my life.”

Honestly, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the time to peep out his full, adorable and delightful appearance below:

via Twitter.