Series To Tuck Into When You’re Hung Daddy & Hate Yourself This Weekend

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

What have I got planned this weekend? I’m going to get absolutely loaded and make terrible life choices.

But hey, it’s the weekend, and what better time is there to live recklessly and indulge your taste for fine shiraz and large cheeseboards/drunk-texting your ex? There is no better time – because at least you don’t have to work tomorrow. Instead you can wallow in all your missteps – ‘Oh fuck, did I really text that to that guy I was seeing for like two weeks in 2015?’ – while eating a pepperoni pizza, or better yet, distract yourself by binge watching telly while eating a supreme pizza with extra pepperoni.

To help you figure out what to watch while lying on your couch in last night’s clothes and half-rubbed-off makeup, we’ve made a handy dandy list of what’s new to Stan this month that may help heal your hung daddy soul. Because let’s be totally real about this: you don’t want to be making choices for yourself today. You just want to be funnelling hair of the dog into your face-hole while no one asks or expects anything of you. Here’s the gist of it in this vid, but keep reading for a bit more info on each.


Billions, exclusive to Stan, with new eps dropping weekly, follows Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades, an attorney trying to take down crooked hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod (Homeland‘s Damian Lewis).

I’m Dying Up Here

The second season of I’m Dying Up Here drops exclusively on Stan on May 14, a LOL/cry-out-loud series, executive produced by comedy legend  Jim Carrey, where a group of up-and-coming comics try real hard to make it in the ’70s comedy scene.


The first series of Sweetbitter is now streaming, only on Stan, with its star, Ella Purnell as 22-year-old Tess, moving to NYC, where she is quickly sucked into the debauched – and very horny – culinary scene.


Stan drama series Vida is also brand new, focusing on LA-based Mexican-American sisters Emma and Lyn, as they are forced to revisit their old neighbourhood and confront the truth of their shared past – and that of their mother.


With new eps dropping every week, same day as the US, the second season of Stan comedy series Imposters has quite the hook: a con artist, ‘Maddie‘, has left a series of victims in her wake, people she’s pretended to love, but then married and stolen from. Well her latest victim – and ex-husband – has teamed up with her other victims to track her down.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The tenth season of the crazy addictive RuPaul’s Drag Race drops weekly, same day as the US, only on Stan, further reinforcing that not one of us has the pure sass required to be a drag superstar (but fuck do we love to fantasise about it).

Adventure Time

New episodes of Adventure Time are now streaming on Stan, for all you kids/the young at heart/people who appreciate the actually very adult-friendly humour of cartoons these days. Also this one’s really really good when you’re a bit off tits tbqh.

If you need any more help coping with your hangover, hit up a mate and invite them over to binge watch with you/bring emergency snack supplies. Get around it, gang: