Twitter Decides They Love ‘MAFS’ Michael, But Can We Please Stop Bullying Stacey

stacey michael mafs

This season of Married At First Sight is starting to heat up as the couples are finally given the chance to “stay” or “leave,” and it’s getting interesting to say the least.

Let’s be honest here, we’re all just watching at this point to watch the relationship unfold between Stacey and Michael.

For starters, Michael let slip that he’s “obsessed” with Stacey, which is a little shocking considering their first meeting.

Fans didn’t seem to see much of a connection between them on the couch.

But honestly, these two seem to have a solid amount of banter and I wouldn’t be surprised if they do end up with some chemistry. Throughout the remainder of the episode, the pair had a clear connection during the other couples’ interviews, which could be the start of a solid connection.

However, lots of fans on Twitter were quick to point out that they think Stacey is here for something other than Michael’s one-liners.

In Stacey’s defence, we don’t actually *know* her, she’s a single mother of two and she’s put herself through a law degree. If she’s studied law, she’s probably capable of making her own money.

Reality TV producers make the big bucks because they’re experts at framing things, so let’s not be too quick to write Stacey off as a gold digger.

To be fair, when we first saw Michael, he was a total man-baby and I genuinely don’t think you could’ve paid me to give him the time of day. But hey, people change.

If completely ignoring the fact that she’s put herself through law school wasn’t enough, the internet has also decided to pile on Stacey for her appearance. So I’m here to interrupt your regular Twitter reactions to remind you that Stacey is a human too, and being on a reality TV show doesn’t make her fair game to bully her for her appearance.

Out of respect for the fact that Stacey is a human being with real feelings, I’ve decided to omit any tweets referencing her looks. Don’t be *that* guy.

But surprisingly, we’ve decided that Michael is a sweet angel and that our token millionaire man-baby is actually a new fan fave.

We are 100% Team Michael, which is a turn of events that absolutely nobody saw coming.

Even with his shitty one-liners, we’re kinda vibing his cute, dorky personality.

Personally, I think we were wrong about these guys. As the President of the I Hate Michael club, I am hereby retracting my statement because he’s actually pretty fucking adorable when he talks about Stacey.

I’m calling it now, Stacey and Michael are going to stay together and prove us all wrong.

You don’t have to like Stacey, you might question her intentions, but let’s not bully a woman when we’ve only seen a few hours of her entire life.