MAFS’ Stacey Hampton Backed Out Of Ex On The Beach Just As Michael Goonan Landed In Colombia

Stacey Hampton Ex On The Beach

MAFS alumni Stacey Hampton has decided to back out of being on Ex on the Beach – right as her ex, Michael Goonan, is believed to be isolating in Colombia for the reality TV show. The timing here is just *chef’s kiss*.

According to a ~source~ (grain of salt, obvs) who spoke to Daily Mail Australia, Stacey Hampton is no longer “interested” in being on Ex on the Beach: a show where you go to a beach to find love and get interrupted by your ex. Classy.

“She doesn’t care for it,” the source said, conveniently neglecting to mention the extremely suspicious timing of this decision.

“She’s about to launch her clothing label and needs to stay in Adelaide for her kids. Her two boys are in school right now, and they need her more than ever.”

Apparently part of the reason Stacey felt she didn’t need Ex on the Beach is because she’s making a fortune from OnlyFans. Honestly, goals.

“Stacey doesn’t need the money. KC Osborne does,” the source continued, taking a swipe at the MAFS star who dated Stacey’s ex, Michael Goonan. Jeez, these people don’t rest, do they?

For those of you who don’t watch MAFS and have no idea who these people are, Stacey Hampton shot to fame on the show last year, where she was paired with absolute fkn gronk Michael Goonan.

It was the relationship from hell and they ended up breaking up, with Michael going on to date co-star KC. Hence the snarky comments above.

Considering Stacey has previously joked about reversing her car into Michael on Instagram (yes, they really are that messy), I’m almost disappointed that they won’t be on the same show.

If anything, it would have been great for those of you who are fiends for trashy reality TV, because the constant snipes would have been gold.