Sportsbet Are Taking Bets On Which Breaking Bad Character Will Die Next

If you’re a punt-prone TV oracle or maybe the shady second cousin of Vince Gilligan’s production assistant you’ll be glad to know that you can now place bets on the Belize-bound denizens of Breaking Bad through online sports betting website, Sportsbet. In a premise in no way depressing, the website is now taking bets on which of the sad little humans currently remaining in the series will die first going into the intra-family shit storm of the show’s penultimate episode. 

Sadly, according to the website, leanest odds on who will next become one with acid barrel are Jesse ($2.75), followed by Marie ($3.00) and Walt ($3.00), Skyler ($5.00) and Walt Jr. ($15.00). Longest odds are on Saul ($34.00), who bookmakers have deemed pretty much indestructible thanks to his proclivity for bullet-proof vests.
Punters beware, though, Sportsbet does go on to stipulate that all bets concern “the next character to die in
the storyline, flash forwards included,”
so while yours might be the next in line to die chronologically, all will be lost if another dies onscreen before them. 
Sportsbet states also that all bets are null and void should none of the listed characters perish, so if baby Holly is the only one who dies next week we don’t really lose anything except for the will to live and seven jugs of water weight from our eyeballs.