In news that’s just a tad shit, Netflix has cancelled its figure skating drama Spinning Out after just one season.

Spinning Out only hit the streaming giant last month, but it appears Netflix has already made up its mind. The series followed Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario), an up-and-coming elite figure skater who hides her struggle with bipolar disorder. The gist is that Kat hurt herself really badly during a competition and ever since then she’s been a bit hesitant about fully returning to the ice. But she’s determined to do it, even if it means switching from being a solo skater to pairs. Not to mention, her partner is a certain someone-someone from her past.

Handsome lad Evan Roderick co-stars as Kat’s skating partner Justin DavisHunger Games star Willow Shields plays Kat’s sister Serena, and Mad Men‘s January Jones stars as Kat’s mum Carol.

There doesn’t seem to be a specified reason as to why Netflix binned the series, but I guess it just didn’t make enough of a splash. Which sucks, because I genuinely thought it did.

SPOILER TIME! If you’ve yet to watch the show then stop scrolling now, because I’m about to chat about the ending.

When season 1 ended, I assumed it’d be renewed because of how things wrapped up… or didn’t wrap up, actually. Does Serena get justice for what Dr Parker (Charlie Hewson) did to her? Does Jenn (Amanda Zhou) realise she kinda fucked up? Does Dr Parker survive the absolute beating Carol gave him?And if he does, DOES HE GO TO JAIL? ALSO, we never got to see Kat and Justin’s final skate. Do they win, do they lose? Who knows, anymore. Of course there’s a chance some other network might save the series, but… I don’t know, I feel like the chances are slim here.

I’m bummed, guys. I’m bloody bummed.

Image: Spinning Out