After a hell of a long time between seasons, the very funny music quiz show Spicks and Specks has been locked in with an official return date, and a whole heap of solid guests who we hope maybe know a thing or two about their music history.

Mark your calendars and get ready to shout over your family/housemates/partner/pets at the TV, because the beloved trivia show is hitting the ABC on Sunday, April 18 for a brand new season. None of this reboot business with new team captains or a host or anything, this is the real deal, mates.

We’re being treated to a whole new season of Spicks and Specks – 10 whole episodes, released every Sunday night to help quell the Sunday sads. Love that, thanks.

The ABC announced back in December that Adam Hills would be resuming his position as trivia master, with Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst coming back to the panels to lead their teams of special guests into possible victory (or at least a raucous few rounds of musically-tinged questions).

May we never forget every single time Barry Morgan from the World Of Organs showed up and how much the show derailed into a weird fever dream with a Broadway-level smile.

With the new era of Spicks and Specks comes a whole swathe of guests trying to buzz in and shout their right (or very, very wrong) answers. Top whet our appetites ahead of the premiere, a little sneak peek has dropped where G Flip and Frank Woodley use some very legitimate methods of deduction to try and work out the answer to a real head-scratcher of a question about B.O.B.

Musos like Alice SkyeThe Teskey BrothersVika & Linda and Missy Higgins are locked in for the season, alongside funny buggers like Anne EdmondsNazeem HusseinLuke McGregor, and returning faves Dave O’Neil and Denise Scott.

It’s been a whole decade (!!!) since Spicks and Specks was on our TVs on the reg, and after a couple of little specials between then and now, I’m so bloody glad it’s returning for a full season. It’s been too long since I’ve watched my other, other mum Myf on TV every week while Dad nods off on the couch.

Spicks and Specks airs on ABC and iView every Sunday at 7.40pm from April 18.

Image: Supplied