VIVA FOREVER: All Five Spice Girls Will Attend The Royal Wedding On Saturday

We knew Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weren’t going to have a stick-up-the-butt style conservative affair for their impending nuptials. But it’s really shaping up to be a rip-snorter of a fun time, with all five – yep, all of them – Spice Girls now officially invited, and attending, the couples wedding this weekend.

The news comes via Us Weekly, although the rumours have been strong and plentiful that the gang would be in attendance.

Sadly, that excellent rumour that the group would be performing was false, with Mel C putting that fire out herself. Honestly, what’s the point of being royalty if you can’t force your favourite 90’s girl group to teach you the ‘Stop’ dance in full at your wedding reception. WHAT IS THE POINT.

600 guests will be attending the couple’s wedding, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s reception at St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle. However, only 200 select guests will continue on to what we’re assuming is the real zesty party, Prince Charles’ second and private reception at Frogmore House. No word on whether our Spicies are hitting that one up.

So many questions – will they arrive in full Spice Girls, Posh/Ginger/Sporty/Scary/Baby attire? My money’s on no – but if Geri could wear even a hint of leopard print, I’d be super grateful. Please, Geri? For me?