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If you missed out on catching Kristen Stewart‘s performance as Princess Diana in Spencer then good news! The flick is coming to a streaming service this week.

The Academy Award-nominated drama is heading exclusively to Prime Video this Friday.

Excuse me while I cancel all my plans and prepare a box of choccies, goon and tissues for the occasion. As someone who missed the flick when it was in cinemas in December and January thanks to a 14-day fling with Miss Omicron, I’m so bloody keen.

Set in 1991, Spencer showcases the deterioration of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage as well as the final years of the life of the people’s princess. And yes, that includes the chilling allegations that the British Royal Family was involved in her tragic death.

Critics have called it K-Stew’s best role as the Twilight actress earned her first-ever Oscar nom for it. She has been nominated in the best actress category.

“I blew through The Crown in three days,” Stewart told MTV UK about her preparation for the role.

“She’s ironically a very unknowable figure [but] I think all she wanted was to be available.

“And she was and that was what was beautiful about her. Her ability to bridge gaps and connect people together.

“Her life feels incredible and she exudes it,” she added.

“Even when she’s not well in pictures where she’s clearly… she wore her heart on her sleeve.

“There’s never a time she’s not showing how she’s feeling even if she’s not saying it.”

The Spencer cast also includes English actor Jack Farthing as the heir apparent to the throne, Olga Hellsing as Sarah, Duchess of York; Amy Manson as Anne Boleyn; and Niklas Kohrt as Prince Andrew (*voms*). The beloved flick was directed by Pablo Larraín (Jackie).

Tallyho! If you need me I’ll be setting up a projector.