Early 00s Rapper Soulja Boy Is Making Bank As A Soap Entrepreneur Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

soulja boy coronavirus

If you thought this whole coronavirus situation couldn’t possibly get more insane, early noughties rapper Soulja Boy is now making bank off an investment in a soap company.

Yes. Soulja Boy is making money in the fucking soap business. You could not make this shit up if you tried.

According to TMZ, sources close to Soulja Boy (whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, not Soulja Boy Tell’em) claim the rapper invested in a company called The Soap Shop, which seems like a smart business venture amid the coronavirus outbreak. If the company’s Facebook page is anything to go off, The Soap Store is a “privately owned franchised laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, body wash and cleaning supply company established in 2014.”

Soulja Boy reportedly went in on the business with his manager Miami Mike last year, well before the coronavirus outbreak happened.

According to sources, Soulja Boy was trying to diversify his income by investing in the company, blissfully unaware that we’d all go batshit crazy for soap mere months later.

Speaking to The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy explained his new business venture.

“It’s just different businesses…once you get into the music industry, you know, branch out, do different stuff like try different things. Try different business ventures,” he said. “Everybody needs soap.”

TMZ reports that The Soap Store has gone from selling 100 bottles of soap per month to more than 3,000 cleaning products in the last two months, which is a huge win for Soulja Boy’s bank account.

The soap business venture isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has tried his hand at entrepreneurship, with the rapper previously launching his Soulja Store and Soulja Electronics websites, which sold questionable counterfeit products with the word “Soulja” in front of them.

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