After a long wait thanks to bulk reshoots and other production delays, we have both a release date and a new trailer for the next (and possibly final??) instalment in the X-Men films: Dark Phoenix.

You may be familiar with the story of Jean Grey from the X-Men comics (and one or two of the multitudinous previous X-Men films): a mutant capable of super-powerful telekinesis and telepathy, she has a pretty full-on character arc that uh… doesn’t end super well.

Whether that’s going to happen in this film is yet to be seen, but it sure does look like they’re following the original story at least to the point where Grey, after an accident in space, absorbs the “power of the Phoenix” and shit starts to get REAL.

It’s pretty awesome to see Sophie Turner rocking some hectic god-level CGI powers after getting used to her as the impeccably-coiffed and cunning Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. It’s also cool to see Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender return as Mystique, Dr X and Magneto, along with a bunch of other fun mutant guys including Jessica Chastain as a mysterious villain called Smith.

Fan reactions to the trailer – and the entire concept of the film, actually – have been mixed.

Will this movie be kinda dark? Probably (I mean yeah, a main character definitely fucking dies in the trailer, so…). Will it be good? Literally impossible to tell. Will it be fun to see Sophie Turner transform into an unstoppable angel of death who’s grappling with a whole bunch of inner turmoil and uncontrollable powers? Hoo yeah.

Watch the trailer below, and catch the movie when it’s out on June 7.