Cast your minds back to a time before Sophie Monk’s turn on The Bachelorette – if you can. Remember those dark times, before our favourite Queenslander offered a refreshing, brusque approach to the dating show format. And revisit the exact moment the concept of a Monk-led Bachelorette was first publicly broached, on a goddamn clairvoyant instalment of Hard Chat. 

It was unexpected. It was very, very funny. It managed to break host Tom Gleeson. And now, Monk has returned to the most combative interview segment on broadcast television.

Taking to The Weekly once more, Monk unpacked a little information on her relationship with Stu Laundy, and her apparent friendship with Bill Shorten. That segment was largely in Gleeson’s control, until the pair started riffing on… hair. After discussing Gleeson’s, uh, short hairstyle, Monk casually discussed one of her little friends.

“I’ve got a nipple hair that just won’t stop growing,” Monk offered, utterly shattering the otherwise deadpan host.

“And I’ve called it Trevor, because it’s just part of me now. And I pluck it, and the next minute it’s back, and I feel like people should study that for male pattern baldness.”

Just as Gleeson appeared to regain his composure, Monk continued to drop some personal facts.

“I think he might have gained a friend. That’s a bit depressing,” she said, adding “so Trent‘s on there too.”

Monk’s second appearance on the show coincided with Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s first turn, in what was perhaps the most legitimately daring instalment to date. ABC should keep ’em both on regular rotation for Hard Chat, tbh.

Source: The Weekly