Jake Edwards’ New GF Posted An Ultrasound On Her Instagram & It’s Sent MAFS Fans Into A Panic

Sophie Guidolin, Jake Edwards and Sophie's ultrasound post

Sophie Guidolin, the new gf of Jake Edwards from MAFS – yeah, that means he and  his TV wife Beck Zemeck don’t last, shock horror – posted a picture of an ultrasound to her Instagram this morning, sending fans into a spin.

The post was swiftly deleted, but not before So Dramatic! got the screenshots, including the post’s chaotic caption.

The caption led some to ponder if maybe she wasn’t announcing her pregnancy with new squeeze Jake, but was actually revealing she was a surrogate for or had donated her eggs to her friend, personal trainer Triniti-Jean Nagel.

“The best birthday present I could have ever ever asked for,” Sophie wrote.

“I’m forever grateful for the fact that I have been blessed to give new life.

“To two of my bestest friends I love you and I am so so excited for this next chapter for you both also.”

She concluded: “I cannot wait to welcome our new baby into our world of chaos.”


Well, Triniti-Jean’s pregnancy announcement (CONGRATULATIONS) made it pretty clear this isn’t a surrogate situation.

And the truth is the baby isn’t linked genetically to Jake’s new gf in any way.

Sophie, a women’s health and fitness expert, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that no, she had not donated her eggs or anything like that.

“I only found out for my birthday,” she said.”She just had a cyst removed the size of a cricket ball so it’s a miracle baby. Nothing to do with me!!!!! Our baby is a term I use for all of my best friends kids.”

And the “blessed to give new life” thing from the caption is probs just a reference to Sophie’s own four kids.

Sophie also clarified in her Instagram Stories. “I didn’t dontate [sic] my eggs. It wasn’t even slightly worded in that way,” she wrote.

“We’re welcoming a baby into our chaos world. Me, with my 4. Our friends, our annual holiday, our trips away.

“I was wishing my best friend congratulations on their miracle baby.”

In a follow-up Story, she continued: “I’m allowed to congratulate my friend on having a baby.”

Sophie Guidolin's Instagram posts

Image source: Instagram / Sophie Guidolin

Sophie Guidolin's Instagram posts

Image source: Instagram / Sophie Guidolin

So that means no baby for MAFS‘ Jake Edwards just yet, folks. Sorry.

Earlier this week, Jake flew from Melbourne up to Noosa to celebrate Sophie’s 33rd birthday, the Daily Mail reported.

Jake’s also been spotted in a number of Sophie’s recent Instagram Stories, including videos where you see him for a flash and pics that show just his tattooed arm, as uncovered by The Wash.

We’re convinced they’re an item and you’ll have to prove otherwise. Not sorry about that!