While we’ve all been busy fretting about how civilisation will press on without our beloved Facebook and Instagram, big Aussie ledge Hamish Blake and his missus Zoë Foster-Blake have been dealing with a much greater qualm: their son vanishing into thin air, leaving only a hat behind.


Before social media went to hell, the comedian shared a video of his absolute muffin of a son, Sonny Blake playing a v. clever prank on his daddio.

The young man hides around a corner and suspends his hat in mid-air, then as his father approaches, he hauls ass at a speed that would rival the Flash.

“Still at a complete loss as to how my son disappeared into thin air,” Blake captioned the vid. @davidblaine I know you and I have had our differences in the past but honestly if you could shed any light on this I would forever be grateful… “

Have a look at the dazzling, bewildering, mind-boggling feat below:

@hamishblake + @zoefosterblake, I think you’ve got a young magician on your hands! Either that or an absolute sprint sensation. Both extremely viable options.

I leave you now with another blessed image of the aforementioned hat that mini-Ham was last seen wearing prior to his disappearance.