Gather round, you guys – it’s the fuckin’ CATALINA WINE MIXER!

The Catalina Wine Mixer first appeared in the climactic sequence of the 2008 Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers – although you knew that already, because you clicked this far, and you obviously have good taste. 

In what may be the best news of the whole damn week, someone has turned the biggest helicopter leasing event in the western hemisphere since 1997 into a real-life thing, and you can attend. 

Well, you can theoretically attend, as long as you have the means to make it it to Catalina Island, off the coast of California, by September 13. Event organiser Ben Villalobos said:

Step Brothers has made Catalina Island synonymous with the Catalina Wine Mixer. We’re thrilled to host this inaugural event and to grow the annual mixer for fans of the classic movie and the island.”


Per the event’s official site, the Billy Joel covers band Uptown Girl will not be appearing, but The Dan Band, who appeared in The Hangover and Old School, will be playing. Food and booze will obviously also be available.

If you can’t swing the plane ticket to California, but you have the funds for one of these, then you might also consider saying fuck it and throwing your very own Catalina Wine Mixer in your back yard:

Now, since you were going to look for it anyway, enjoy this:

via Complex