Somehow, Big Brother 2014’s Lawson Reeves And Cat Law Are Still Loved-Up

Cast your mind back to the 2014 season of Big Brother. Don’t deny you watched it. Maybe you didn’t structure your life around the daily episodes (I did though), but you at least had it on in the background a few nights a week while you heated up your sad frozen pizza, didn’t you.

Anyone who watched even a single episode remembers the shit-show that was Lawson Reeves, the magician guy, and Cat Law, the hot midwife.

Quick background – Lawson had a long-term girlfriend outside of the house. Cat was single. They became friends, then somewhere along the line the friendly banter and “platonic” spooning turned into a full-on makeout sesh.

Tears were shed, drama ensued, Lawson’s girlfriend broke up with him (obviously). But who am I to explain it to you – please enjoy this fan-made refresher that really captures the angst.

Feeling sufficiently emotional? Great. Now be absolutely flummoxed by the fact that, despite hooking up off the back of cheating while on a REALITY SHOW, Cat and Lawson are still going strong, three years later.

Like, REALLY strong. Adorable couple pics, all the damn time kind of strong.

Look, I really, really hate cheating. I’ve always had a problematic love for these guys because watching the show, you could really see their chemistry and compatibility. But Lawson fucking cheating instead of just waiting to break up with his gf first cast a dark cloud across my love.

Now, three years later, I’ve chosen to have selective memory about their entire situation and just enjoy how fucking happy they seem now. Look! Look how happy they are!

I honest to God yelled at the entire office “ALL I WANT IS A LOVE LIKE CAT AND LAWSON’S”. Someone did remind me of the cheating but I think something is wrong with my ears, because all I heard was “listen to this goat bleating”.

Also necessary to mention – how bloody HOT is Lawson with the longer hair? Goddamn.


The couple are based in Melbs now, and yes – Lawson still calls himself a magician. Outstanding. They also co-blog on the aptly named ‘The Story From Both Sides’. The subtlety, it hits like a brick.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I did, mates.