Some Legend Made A Quality ‘MasterChef Junior’ Uncensored Cut

From the moment we learned someone had put ‘kids’, ‘cooking’, and ‘Gordon Ramsay‘ in the same TV show, we were kinda worried that some 10-year-old would end up in tears, and Ramsay would end up not being allowed within 500 metres of schools and playgrounds.

But as it turns out, ‘MasterChef Junior‘ worked out pretty well. Like, look, G-Dogs did made a few of them cry, but adult MasterChef contestants get their blub on, too, and at least he didn’t call anyone a fucking donkey.

He was weirdly supportive:

???  ??? 
And THAT is 100% *not* the Gordon Ramsay we expected.
This is: 

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone mashed together Gordon swearing his fucking mouth off on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon judging kids cooking, giving us the utter thing of beauty that is ‘MasterChef Junior Uncensored‘:

Feeeeel the happy, mates. Taste the happy. BE the happy.