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If you’re a woman of a particular age and inclination, you have definitely dressed up as Sandy from Grease for at least one themed birthday party or office bash. The question is always, do you do sweet Sandra Dee, with high pony and pink sweater – or do you do sexy Sandy from the end of the film, where Olivia Newton-John inexplicably does a total sartorial one-eighty and shows up to scramble Danny Zucko’s brains with her impossibly tight pants?

The answer is always, always sexy Sandy. And now, one lucky bastard gets to dress up as sexy Sandy for REAL, with the exact pants (and leather jacket) that Newton-John wore in that iconic ‘You’re The One That I Want‘ final scene selling for an eye-watering sum at a recent auction.

Please cop a look at that jacket’s extremely plush red satin lining. Phwoar.  

The iconic outfit was up for sale along with 500 other items at a Beverly Hills auction to benefit Olivia Newton-John’s cancer treatment centre, the Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne.

And yeah, everything went for WAY over its estimated value. The sexy Sandy pants and jacket went for a cool $405,700, while an autographed posted fetched $64,000, and a custom Pink Ladies jacket belonging to ONJ sold for $50,000.

Quick question: who are these people? Who spends four HUNDRED grand on a pair of pants that Australia’s darling had to be sewn into in 1978? Who drops fifty grand on a jacket? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

The auction raised more than $2.4 million dollars for Olivia Newton-John’s wellness centre, which is a fair chunk of cash going to a worthy cause, so good on ’em. More importantly, someone, somewhere out there, will be spending their evenings squeezing into a pair of shiny, skintight pants, and doing this into the mirror:

Image result for tell me about it stud gif

Source: The Guardian
Image: Getty Images / Fotos International