So You Think You Can Dance For The Likes Of Kanye, And Pharrell? Get Coached By Ivy Heeney

Since coming third on So You Think You Can Dance in 2010, Aussie-turned-LA girl Ivy Heeney has danced her way across stages within inches of, Kanye West, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, Selena Gomez and countless others. We caught up with our next Pedestrian Coach and the girl with the hair to rival Beyoncé’s to chat nerves, Kanye West and having vodka bottles thrown at your vajayjay.

How long have you been dancing for?
Since I was 6 years old.

When did you first decide you wanted to do this professionally?
I always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. Then I turned 16, grew a woman’s body and realized a ballerina’s life would be a little restricting for me. I decided I wanted to explore other avenues of dance like musical theatre and commercial dance. When I finished high school I deferred uni and gave myself one year to try and get work professionally in the commercial dance industry. I’ve been working around the world ever since and never ended up at uni.

I remember being in the audience of Justin Timberlake’s concert and I was bursting inside with this uncontrollable desire to be on that stage! I think in that moment I made it my mission to move to LA. Ironically one his dancers who I idolized is now one of my best friends and helped me get my agent and first job in LA.

How do you prepare for an audition and do you ever get nervous?
I stay very calm and quiet. I like to keep to myself and stay focused. I often yawn right before I go on stage! I Think it’s a sign of nerves.

What’s been your favourite on stage moment so far?
Honestly performing on So You Think You Can Dance was extremely rewarding. We all worked so so hard, exhausting our minds and bodies and when I finally stepped out on that stage every week, the relief and overwhelming sense of accomplishment I felt for making it through another round was really personal and special.

Also dancing on’s tour. All the dancers were so much fun and we had a blast every time we stepped out on that stage. Who you share the stage with can really impact your experience as you vine off each other’s energy.

What’s been the hardest moment?
I had to stay in a head stand with my legs in the splits for the entire length of the song “Power” during the opening of Kanye’s show. People were throwing mini vodka bottles at the stage I guess because it was a festival and everyone was trashed. They were flying past my nose whilst I was trying to stay balanced, upside down with my crotch open to the whole of Brisbane!!  

What was it like dancing for Kanye West on his My Twisted Dark Fantasy tour?
It was my first time performing on Susie Soul since moving to the States so I was overwhelmed with happiness to get to perform for my friends and family. My mum even battled the Big Day Out crowd to see the show!

If you could choose any two artists – alive or dead – to work with, who would they be?
Ooooow that’s tough so many people. Definitely want to dance for Beyoncé. I love that she surrounds herself on stage with strong beautiful woman. And Michael Jackson so I could be an Egyptian goddess in my favorite music video ‘Remember the Time’.

If you’re intrigued by Ivy and want to know how you too can dance on stage with Kanye or, sign up for her Pedestrian Coach session.