So That Netflix Geoblock Crackdown? Yeah, There’s Already A Way Around It

Welp. That didn’t take long.

Earlier in the month, casual sex-enablers Netflix announced their intentions to begin cracking down on people who were circumventing geoblock technology in order to access versions of their service that ordinarily weren’t available in their native countries. The practice was widespread and very popular in Australia, due to the US version of Netflix having a vastly greater catalogue of content thanks to pre-existing distribution deals that exist in this country.
Then last week, the idle threats became a horrifying reality: Users in Australia began reporting that the service had begun booting local users off the US service, delivering a “YA BIT“-style graphic calmly asking them to stop trying to be sneaky.
Gaze upon it, in all its shimmering terror.

Fortunately for all of you, the internet is nothing if not a constant game of cat-and-mouse, with methods of getting around new security measures appearing just as quick as the new security measures themselves.

Popular VPN and unblocking services uFlix and Getflix have confirmed that their services have been upgraded, and that their subscribers are still able to access the US version of the streaming service (at least for the time being).
uFlix managing director Peter Dujan confirmed as much to Fairfax Media, stating “Everything is working and we have very happy customers.”

The company would not confirm exactly how they managed to get around the newest security measures, but explained that they were using “a mixture of a few different things,” and that they were cautiously exploring Netflix’s beefed up fortifications, “we are still seeing exactly how deep this rabbit hole goes.
Both companies confirmed their services were still up and running on Twitter.
Continue enjoying the fruits of bending the rules, fellow content chasers!
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.