Back in your granddad’s day, Snapchat was a relatively simple and straightforward app used by young people to share pictures of their junk, safe in the knowledge that said pics would automatically disappear after several seconds. 

An awful lot has changed since then.

Snapchat has spent the past year rolling out a variety of features, including video and text chat, and the latest update features the public rollout of a new public photo sharing feature called ‘Our Story’, which sees the app stepping even further into Twitter’s territory.

As of today, your Snapchat feed includes ‘Our Story’ in the ‘Live’ section. This new update, which has been in the works for a while and used to be opt-in only, is essentially a live stream, allowing users to view and share photos of major events as they’re taking place. 

TechCrunch report that Snapchat tested the new feature out during the recent Electric Daisy Carnival festival in the U.S., and at several other big events, including the recent FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

‘Our Story’ caught on like a scorching case of the herp, with users only too willing to share their experiences and reportedly submitting somewhere in the region of 350 hours of content during the test period. 

At this stage, it’s unclear how photos are selected to be a part of ‘Our Story’, although the bright, jolly photo and video stream of Electric Zoo that I watched earlier this morning contained precisely zero penises, unless you count the dude in the Spidey costume.

Likewise, it is not clear how events are chosen and which will be deemed big enough to feature as part of SnerpChert’s narrative. 

It would be safe to assume, though, that festival organisers will cough up moderately big bucks for the chance to appear ‘hip’ to the ‘youth’ with their ‘sexting’ and ‘rainbow parties’ and ‘horseless carriages’ and the like.  

Summer festival season is just around the corner, Australia … prepare to share your snaps with the world.

Image via Snapchat