Snapchat Now Has Video and Text – So Long, Swiping Between Apps Like a Sucker

Snapchat, the photo sharing service popular with teenagers and perverts, has rolled out two brand new features. Australian users woke up to to an announcement that in addition to sharing pictures, they now have the ability to chat in text and video.

The theory is that these additions will streamline the service, and make for more free-flowing conversation with less switching between apps. Say you’re sharing photos with a friend and decide you want to take the conversation up a notch, you no longer need to swipe across to iMessage or Skype. 

Practically, that means you can go from sending photos of your semi-erect penis captioned with with ‘U WNT THE D, GRL?’ to full-on x-rated video chat in way fewer steps. I mean, I assume people probably use Snapchat for reasons other than this, but c’mon, right, who are we kidding here? 

This is actually a pretty smart move on Snapchat’s part. The service is big with young people, who migrated away from Facebook after their parents discovered it, and this more streamlined functionality allows them to spend even more time on the app, rather than switching to other, competing ones.

The update is available now in the App Store, and while the new features aren’t the most intuitive, they’re still pretty easy to use. All you need to do is swipe right on a contact’s name in your inbox to start a text chat, tap to start the video function up, then sit tight until the guys from To Catch A Predator arrive at your house.

Photo: Lionel Bonaventure via Getty Images