If you a) love The Sims and b) froth the shit out of reality television, you’ll c) be thrilled to know that a Sims reality competition is gracing the world with its holy presence next week. I think we can all agree that whippna choba dog (this is cool, obviously).

The Sims Spark’d will see 12 online personalities, gamers and Sim-lovers “take on timed creativity challenges to build characters, worlds, and stories in the hopes of impressing the judges”. The contestants are essentially required to get as imaginative as possible, and will ultimately be rewarded for the skill and creativity of their Sim-scapes. Oh yeah, and the winner banks a whopping $100k USD. WooHoo!

“Something that has always been so special to The Sims is the community and how much our players connect with each other to celebrate, share, collaborate, and show off the things they’ve been able to make or share their stories,” The Sims general manager Lyndsay Pearson told The Verge, speaking of the competition. “What we’re doing with Spark’d is a really interesting evolution of exactly that. It’s the same DNA, the same motivation.”

The 4-episode series premiers July 17 on US cable channel TBS, but will also air on the Buzzfeed Multiplayer YouTube channel the following Tuesday night (our time).

Check out the glorious trailer below, which dropped yesterday, and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Sims competitive gaming. We truly love to see it.

Dag dag (bye).

Image: YouTube / The Sims