The Sims 2 WooHoo Video Was, & Will Always Be, The Horniest 20 Secs In Computer Game History

There once was a time when Sims 2 made me unthinkably horny. I was 8 years old and, in comparison to my classmates, a late bloomer. I’d go on Sims 2 benders – three, four days at a time – glued to the computer screen without showering. I found immense joy in making my Sims flirt. My nether regions tingled when the Sims were finally able to make out. But, most of all, I was enamoured by the Sims 2 woohoo function.

For those who need a little reminder, when two horny Sims were keen to get frisky, and the ‘WooHoo’ session was activated, a mini 20-30 second movie would take over our screens. We’d then have to watch the couple passionately hook up on top of the bed, one Sim touching the other’s ass, that other Sim reacting wildly to the subsequent ass-touching, the two hopping under the sheets, and the bed posts lifting off the ground.

And that was just when they were in the bed… in normal gameplay. Don’t get me started about the cheat codes… or the raunchy spa hook-up.

It’s truly a cinematic masterpiece, completely with slippery limbs, aquatic handstands and sexy drowning.

Put simply, today’s pre-pubescents will never experience a Sims WooHoo quite as horny as Sims 2’s. It was 20 long seconds of pure porn.

In fact, looking back, the Sims 2 WooHoo video was absolutely my gateway drug into porn.

Watching the WooHoo video while looking around to see if any family members were nearby was a precursor to having a danger wank and hoping no one would catch you watching porn.

And I doubt this high level of eroticism will ever be replicated in future Sims games. (Head here for our ranking of Sims games based on how horny their respective WooHoo functions were.)

How this aspect of Sims 2 videos was pitched, approved and executed…. I’m not sure. But I’m proud of the fact that my pubescent years coincided with peak of Sims 2’s popularity (and subsequently having the WooHoo function on repeat for 637 hours on end).