Sienna Miller scores £35,000

Sienna Miller has received £35,000 pounds in damages… why? Word on the street is she was caught by some paparazzi dude with her boobs out on a yacht, and those paparazzi happened to find those images worth inclusion in a series of feature articles. The actress sued The Sun and News of the World over the series of intrusive articles and photos that were published in June and July of this year.

A series of features and pictures appeared in both titles and included coverage of the actor’s alleged relationship with multimillionaire American actor Balthazar Getty (he played Tommy Walker in Brothers & Sisters), soon after breaking off a relationship with Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

Her solicitor, Mark Thomson, said terms of the settlement were approved by London’s High Court, with the papers’ publishers, News Group Newspapers, agreeing to pay the damages and costs.

Maybe next time Sienna goes sailing she shouldn’t have her tits out for the boys hmm…or maybe she should