Take This Dog’s Hilariously Shit In-Iso Haircut As A Sign To Step Away From The Scissors

In a tale as old as time, a pooch in Sydney has come out the other side of a home haircut looking like a misshapen bunny. It’s genuinely so difficult for me to describe a dog’s appearance as “shit”, but hooley dooley folks, this is certainly a look. 

Hermione Underwood, founder of fine jewellery label Atelier Romy, shared a picture of her precious pup, Mash, on Instagram earlier this week. She captioned it simply: “Take it from Mash and wait until the professionals are back.”

Swipe away for a closer look.

Look, I’ll be honest. I first thought, “how bad can it be?” and then I spat out my tea. Half of Mash is missing, one side is wonkier than the other, and his face is so… small, minus all the face fur. He’s still a bloody angel, but oh my god. 

The story goes that just before total lockdown, Hermione thought it was time for Mash to have a haircut. The groomers weren’t an option that day, so hey, why not do it at home? So after a trip to Pet Barn for a fresh pair of clippers, Mash’s haircut kicked off. But after a couple of snips-snips, the pup’s fur… didn’t look quite right. Turns out those new clippers weren’t the right size. The blades were too wide, Hermione told P.TV. And the rest is history.

“Now he takes the back streets on his daily walk,” Hermione said. “Until his beauty grows back.”

I like to think Mash has embraced his haircut. By the looks of it, I reckon he has. Look at that smile. It could power a small village.


But as perfectly shit as Mash’s haircut is, please – for the love of god – put the scissors down. Leave it to the experts. I know isolation can be mind-numbingly boring, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to go Edward Scissorhands on your pup.