Shia LaBeouf Tries To Bum Cig, Ends Up In Jail For Disorderly Conduct

In the latest edition of The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Shia LaBeouf, the actor has been jailed in the US state of Georgia after an attempt to bum a smoke from a stranger escalated fairly dramatically. 
Per police reports, LaBeouf approached an individual on the street in the early hours of Saturday morning and “became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language in front of [a] woman and child” when denied his request for a cigarette. 
An “aggressive” LaBeouf was then confronted by a police officer for his behaviour, and attempted to flee the scene, running to a nearby hotel where he was arrested in the lobby. 
He was charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and public drunkenness, or as the gossip monsters at TMZ put it, “being wasted and losing control of himself.” Either works, to be honest. 
He is expected to be freed on a $7000 bond. 
This weekend’s incident is not the actor’s first brush with the law – he was previously arrested for causing a disturbance at a Broadway performance of Cabaret, and was also picked up for jaywalking in Texas
Additionally, LaBeouf was charged with misdemeanour assault and harassment after a scuffle at his anti-Trump public art installation earlier this year, and he is currently being sued for defamation and assault by a Los Angeles bartender. 
Source: New York Times.

Photo: Jason LaVeris / Getty.