Shia LaBeouf Is Live Streaming Himself Watching His Own Movies Right Now

You can try to hate Shia LaBeouf all you want, but just when you think you’re over it, he pulls you back in. The man is completely fascinating; a wonderful ode to bewilderment. 
Today, he’s decided to hold a (close to) 50-hour movie marathon in New York, made up completely of his own films. Oh, and he’s live-streaming his face while he watches all 50 hours. 
You can see him become intently interested as he watches his own very graphic sex scene with Stacy Martin in Nymphomaniac. Vol 1, and you can see him look dreadfully bored while watching Holes. (We don’t know why though, Holes was amazing.)
Why? Because he is Shia La Beouf. He does not hesitate over doing shit like this; he just does it. 
Disagree all you want – his wonderfully inane decisions will go down in the history books regardless of your disdain.
Watch Shia yawn, stretch, and look wonderfully bored by his own filmography here:

Image via Shia’s Twitter.