Shia LaBeouf Being Treated For Alcoholism

Fair to say it’s been a pretty erratic six months/year/life for actor and conceptual artist Shia LaBeouf. Between releasing a short film plagiarised almost entirely from best-selling graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, to creating an art installation based on his own facetious apology to said plagiarism, to “quitting” showbiz, you could reasonably have guessed that Shia was having some issues. 
Overnight, X17 reported LaBeouf had checked into a private rehab clinic carrying a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book. According to subsequent reports from TMZ and E!, the visit was a day trip, but the actor is receiving treatment for alcohol addiction.
It follows last week’s incident at a performance of Cabaret in New York, from which LaBeouf was escorted out in handcuffs. The dude has a long history of being not particularly likable, but still: we hope he gets well soon. 

Image via Getty images Entertainment